Our guide to SEO for any business website

We will help you read our five steps that are needed to dominate the your online market.
Telling you some secret Google tips that will aid your business in reaching the top of Google’s map listings.

First: What is SEO?

And why is it important?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.
It refers to the steps it takes to push your website to the top of Search Engine Results Pages or SERPs.

Basically its, when someone opens up Google, Bing, Yahoo or any search engine, they will begin by typing a query or keywords into
the search bar. For example, if someone in South Dublin is looking for someone to repair their roof, they may search:

South Dublin roofer or roofing contractors dublin
After the search, a page will pull up filled with results.
For a Google search there will be three types of search results returned:

4 Paid Ads

3 Map Listings and maybe a paid map listing

Organic Results are up next
So what are these three results? And what do they mean for your business?
Paid Ads are found on the very top of the SERPs and along the side. They are placed there because the client paid Google to list
their company there. These are referred to as PPC or pay per click because each time someone clicks on the website link, the
client is charged by Google for that click on their Website.

Pay per click ads can be a great way to jump start your business, but they are not a good long term solution as they are very expensive. Some PPC ads cost as much as €1 – 60 per click.
The place you need to dominate online are Map Listings and Organic Results.
These listings are well earned, not paid. They require hard work, skill and the implementation of the five steps found within this guide.

Step 1: Design
A great website design will have all of the following important components:

Aesthetically looks good

Unique as possible (hard to do when providing similar services i.e. roofing repair in dublin

Easy to navigate well planned

Properly coded (including semantic mark-up – wordpress cms design looks after this)

Fast load time ability to load website at 3 – 4 seconds

Mobile friendly (responsive website design)

Every one of these details matters in your web design. Your website provides a very first impression of your business.
Your website design let your potential client know that you are a professional business?
Or does it scream outdated and your not interested? While website design is both an art and a science. There is basis needs.

It must be eye catching, but it also must follow the rules of Google. It needs to easily and quickly display important information to someone who lands on the page such as:

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Who are you. What you do. Services you provide.
Where are you located? How can they reach you?

Did you know that the amount of time someone spends on your web page will play a huge role in ranking by Google? This idea is referred to as your “bounce rates” Are people opening your website, not seeing what they want and quickly leaving and finding your service elsewhere.

This is a bad sign to Google eyes and will damage your rankings. But an eye catching website with easy navigation and information will keep your audience on your page longer, leading to a much higher results and ranking for you from Google.

Embedded in the design’s code are important clues to Google. Semantic mark-up for example tells Google what content within your design is important. It keys Google into things like your company name, address, phone number and hours of operation. In bigger fonts.

Each detail of your code matters greatly in ranking high. Google even knows if your design is unique or it is simply a template. And unique designs are better ranked by Google. That is why our outstanding web team only ever creates brand new, unique designs for our clients (custom business wordpress themes).

We know the importance of a hand crafted design. How fast does your website take to load? Every detail plays a large role in the ranking of your website. Fast loading sites not only rank higher, but also convert leads better than a slow loading site. In todays world, people rarely wait even a few seconds for a site to load your website.

The latest research has shown that over the years that almost 60 percent of web users expect your site to load in less than three seconds.
And 75 percent of consumers would rather visit a competitor’s site than wait on a slow loading page.

But one of the most important factors in today’s world is the mobile friendliness of your website. We creates designs that are responsive designs.

A responsive web design can be viewed on any size device without losing any of your content or important information. It simply responds to the size of the device it is being viewed on and retains navigation. That means you can convert leads from mobile searches including phones, tablets and P.C.

Saying that the best design will never be seen without outstanding, optimised content and proper link building.

We also provide a rank and rent website design service, where we rank and pay expenses on the website and you can either rent it or pay per qualified Call

Custom wordpress websites that get ranked