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Non-Executive Directors can be a significant help to companies whether the company is an SME or a large organisation. Their experience can help strengthen the Board and can make the difference between a company being successful or not making it in business.Good Non-Executive Directors will have a very strong background with a wealth of experience in business and a proven track record. In many cases they will have a strong business development background along with sales as these are two key critical areas in growing a company and where expertise may be needed at Board level. Non Executive Directors will have experience working in the field handling all types of challenging issues that companies face.The key advantages in having a Non-Executive Director on your Board are:-Bringing a specific experience to your business.

-Increasing the number of customers.

-Driving revenues and profits.

-Fresh approach to the business.

-Build a team with the various players in the business.

-Reconcile any issues of conflict.

-Strategically position the business.

-Meet with Strategic Partners

-Introduce their network to the company and explore opportunities with them.

-Act as a facilitator with the team and ensure all opportunities are reviewed and developed.

-Ensure that the company is legally and financially compliant from a Corporate Governance point of view.One of the big advantages of a Non-Executive Director is that they are an external person not on the payroll and they can be flexible in the time needed by the company. Usually Clients look to have them one or two days a month in the company to help develop their business.Ascent Associate have the experience and expertise to help your company and are willing to sit on your Board as a Non-Executive Director.

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