Wastewater Products is a section of O.S.C whose function is to do a diligent sale of a sewage treatment plant or other appropriate solution products, with the needs of the customer as a priority.

Because we understand the engineering characteristics of the installation of a product and its surrounding environment as an important factor when selecting the correct item our range is extensive and we aim to provide a solution for all type of sites, which are suitable for a wastewater treatment system.

Effluent from a dwelling house discharges into a

septic tank/mechanical aeration unit where the

solid portion of the effluent is settled and treated as (sludge). After this process the liquid portion

of the effluent is then discharged to a percolation area/soil polishing filter.

The purpose of a percolation area/soil polishing filter is to allow the liquid portion of the effluent to filter down through the sub-soil area on site. This percolation process allows final treatment of the

effluent to occur before it is discharged into the groundwater. Allowing for local environmental factors. And providing the best wastewater products

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